Clearing Your Subconscious 11x22's

Clearing Your Subconscious 11x22's


The subconscious is stored within our cells. To become truly aware of what is stored there, then it is suggested that you do an 11x22 exercise. This is a very powerful technique and many who have tried it have had miraculous results! There are many powerful numbers, which when used as a healing tool, can bring about dramatic changes. The process of using numbers with repeated positive sentences can actually break down a belief pattern. On an energetic level, the positive words enter into the mind and body, pushing out distorted energy. An internal shift then occurs as the distortion is dispersed through the aura leaving it clear.

Positive Sentences

I have the right to be myself

I am perfectly acceptable as I am

I am in my power and I have abundant energy

I am well and healthy

I am fulfilling my life purpose and I have great joy and happiness

Money flows to me in a positive and abundant way right now

I am in a satisfying, fulfilling job, which I enjoy.

Sentences for Fear

I have the courage to achieve all that I desire

Life is perfect right now

Sentences for Anger

I am at peace with myself and the world

I express myself honestly in every moment

Sentence for Pride

I am equal to all life

Sentence for Illness

My……..(whichever part of the body is causing a problem) is perfect and clear.

Relationship Sentences

I have perfect relationships always

I am in a happy and fulfilling relationship

Choose one of the sentences and write it on a piece of paper. Under the sentence, you then write down everything that enters into your mind: the positive, the negative, the silly and the irrelevant. When you find a gap in the stream of your thoughts, write the sentence you chose again and repeat the writing down of your thoughts.

Keep doing this process of writing the sentence, then writing the thoughts, until you have completed it twenty-two times. You then do the same every day for eleven days.

If at any time you write the sentence and nothing comes into your mind, then repeat the sentence to yourself out loud. If the mind is still blank, write the words, ‘no thoughts and no feelings’, then carry on writing the sentence. It is possible that this may appear eight or nine times before thoughts reappear in the mind. This state of blankness can also mean that you are on top of a blockage.

It does not matter if your thoughts are extremely negative or if profane words appear. This energy has to come out and be expressed on paper. The 11x22s are better when they are hand-written, but as long as all your thoughts come out, typewritten or done on a computer is acceptable. You will notice the stream of thoughts from the subconscious, things you are not consciously aware of and whose context may surprise you.

Whilst you are writing the 11x22s make sure you are not disturbed, so turn off the telephone and lock the door. It is also important to do the 22 sentences all in one sitting so you may need half an hour to two hours each day, maybe even longer when you first start the process. See it as time to set aside for your healing, for your growth.

If you choose to make up your own sentence, it must only contain positive words. For example, ‘I have no fear’ would not work, because the word ‘fear’ will attract the energy of fear towards it. The idea is to remove the negative thoughts from the mind. You may find whilst writing you seem to go into what is currently called ‘channelling’ where a lot of information seems to come through or your thoughts seem to be using the term ‘you’ instead of ‘I’. Whatever is happening, keep writing it down. If you have found a lot of issues have surfaced at the end of the day, then you can burn the papers or you can wait until the end of the eleven days and burn them all together. DO NOT READ WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN. This will only put the energy of the words back in!

It is important that at the end of the eleven days process you rest for eleven days before starting another sentence. If you start the process but forget to do a day, then you need to start again from day one. This is because the blocked energy is moving through the energy bodies. If you stop before it is released, it begins to slide back to its original state.


If you find the eleven day process too long you can use exactly the same principle, but instead of writing the sentence followed by the thoughts twenty two times, you write it seventy-two times over seven days. The effect is still the same, but you may find you will need more time each day to accomplish the task.


When you have completed the 11x22s on a few occasions, you can use the 3x75s. This is less powerful than the 11x22s and 7x72s, but quicker and still dynamic. First choose a positive sentence and then write down this sentence seventy-five times one after the other in succession. There is no need to follow the sentence with any thoughts. At the end enter into your feelings and allow any emotions to surface. If you feel the need to write down your thoughts and feelings then do so. Repeat this process again for the following two days. You must then leave a gap of three days before starting another one.

Taken from: The True Dynamics of Life by Mike Robinson

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