Live Wheatgrass

Live Wheatgrass

Why Live Wheatgrass?

Fresh versus supplements

When consumed fresh or frozen, Wheatgrass juice is a raw, living food which is easily absorbed by our bodies. It stands with any food - fresh is always much more valuable to us than artificial supplements, which have been heated, cooked, dried, powered, oxidized, canned, irradiated, pasteurized or bottled. Analyses have proven time and again that in contrast to processed alternatives, live fresh, premium Wheatgrass juice contains a much broader spectrum of precious vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes.

Furthermore, the force that is required to express the juice from the grass and the rapid freezing, results in breaking down the cellular structure thus releasing the cocktail of nutrients in a way that is easily absorbed by our bodies.

Wheatgrass juice has for many years been highly regarded by health professionals around the world for its remarkable nourishing and energising properties, drinking Live Wheatgrass juice regularly may contribute to achieving healthy levels, thereby help:

  • nourish the body
  • support physical and mental performance and sense of well-being
  • encourage a healthy immune system
  • support healthy skin and hair
  • contribute to red blood cell development
  • increase vitality to healthy levels, providing a tangible immediate and long term energy boost.
Here at Healthy Atom, we have recommended frozen live wheatgrass to hundreds of people, who have all shown signs of experiencing immense benefits.
We suggest a 1oz dose twice a day for general health, more if you're looking to ease an ailment. It really is health in a glass. Click on the link below to order your frozen live wheatgrass today.


FAQs About Frozen Live Wheatgrass

How do I know Live Wheatgrass juice makes a difference?

Wheatgrass juice is known as the Original Healthfood, as it contains over 100 easily absorbed nutrients and very high Chlorophyll levels. We are so confident that you WILL feel the benefits that we will give you 110% refund on your first one month order if you don't feel the benefits after one month!

What does Live Wheatgrass taste like?

Outdoor grown Live Wheatgrass juice tastes clear, smooth and fresh. Many go as far as to say that once mixed with fruit juices, it is delicious!

How big are the bags?

Each bag comes with 30 x 1 oz cups. The bag size is: 33cm x 22cm x 5cm (13in x 8.7in x 2in). You can easily fit 6 bags into one drawer in an upright freezer. We ship across Europe and the USA.

Will it arrive frozen and in top quality?

YES. We have overnight delivery and we guarantee it will stay frozen until late evening in our specialised packaging. No fuss.

The best way to take it?

For best results drink LiveWheatgrass in the morning 15 min before breakfast. Use from frozen. Place the frozen juice cups in a large bowl of lukewarm water for 10 min to defrost. Enjoy with apple juice for a great taste.

Is Live Wheatgrass expensive?

NO. This is a top quality, organic product, produced in English countryside, in Northamptonshire. You can make it your One Healthy Habit A Day and enjoy all the benefits for just £1.08 / $1.89 per day. Equivalent amounts of Vitamin E and A costs £2.80 / $4.40 for 1.5 lbs. of lightly boiled broccoli.




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