20ppm Enhanced Colloidal Silver 300ml

20ppm Enhanced Colloidal Silver 300ml
Product Code: Colloidal Silver 20ppm 300ml
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This larger bottle can be used to refill smaller versions.

This is a crystal clear, high quality solution which is 95% ionic and 5% colloidal with a high pH of 9.0. 

Colloidal Silver is an effective cure for skin, eye and urinary tract infections. When used, it can help cure burns, cuts, and even scars.

We recommend this for ingestion as part of a daily routine, eyes, ears, nose and for general topical use.

Pharmaceutical Grade Water (Aqua) ,

99.99% Pure Silver (Argentum Metallicum)

Can be used topically, as and when needed. It is safe for use anywhere on the body and can also be ingested.

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