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The Fast-Track weight-loss pack covers 30-days of weight-loss at a faster pace than the step-up. The nutrients are to be included and combined with other meals as part of a calorie-counting diet. For further information on how to determine the right daily calories for you click here. This pack is crammed full of nutrients and protein, which assist the body into a healthy balanced state. Please read each product for an individual breakdown.

What's included in a 30-Day Fast-Track Pack: 

Dynamic Shape ThermoCell x1

A herbal fat burner with raspberry ketones and other active herbals: Shape, cleanse and nourish your body with this powerful weight management formula, ideally used in conjunction with a balanced, calorie-controlled diet and sensible exercise regime.

CONSTIfree x 2

Psyllium husks based colon cleanser: Support your gut, healthy digestion and encourage bowel regularity with an effective combination of dietary fibre, probiotics, prebiotics, L-Glutamine and gut-soothing herbs.

Popular with colonic hydrotherapists for use before, during and after treatments.

Dynamic Shape ChocolateDynamic Shape Chocolate x1

A dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate-flavoured meal replacement: This is a meal replacement and protein shake with a difference! Mix this tasty chocolate-flavoured, dairy-free and gluten-free powder into a smoothie using a liquid of your choice and you will be accessing a wide range of high quality nutrients quickly and easily.

Dynamic Shape VanillaDynamic Shape Vanilla x1

A dairy-free, gluten-free meal replacement: High in minerals and vitamins, mix this vanilla-flavoured protein shake into smoothie using a liquid of your choice and you will be accessing a wide range of high quality nutrients quickly and easily.

Dynamic Shape Organic FruitsDynamic Shape Organic Fruits x1

Organic daily fruit shake: Our quick and healthy alternative to juicing fresh fruit on a daily basis. An easy way for you and your family to contribute to your 5-a-day! Also great as a daily shake or quick snack at any time.

Dynamic Shape Organic Green-food PowderDynamic Shape Organic Green-food Powder x1

This green powder is packed with an incredible 15 organic superfood, superfruit and herbal ingredients and can be used as a nourishing daily meal replacement, as well as a quick and easy means of increasing your intake of high quality plant protein.

Dynamic Shape Pea Protein BlendDynamic Shape Pea Protein Blend x1

This concentrated (80%) pea protein powder from garden peas has been blended with 9 superfoods and herbs to offer an excellent amino acid profile, along with a high level of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants for all-round nutritional support.

Dynamic Shape HempPRO Plus x1

Hemp protein powder plus superfoods and herbs: Complete plant protein from hemp, blended with 15 other beneficial herbs and superfoods, including acai berry, Montmorency cherry, alfalfa, spinach, green tea and more. This beats single-ingredient hemp protein powders hands-down!
ProBiotic MAX x 2
A MAX strength multi-strain probiotic for full spectrum support: Support a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut with this practitioner-strength 8 strain probiotic, which offers full spectrum support of the upper and lower intestines and contains a massive 20 billion organisms per capsule!
Vitamin & Mineral Superfoods x1
An organic superfood multi-nutrient blend in easy-to-take capsules: 14 'real food form' superfoods, superfruits and beneficial herbs packed into easy-to-take capsules. The nutrient-dense ingredients in this unique multi-nutrient blend include green tea leaf, barley grass, baobab fruit, beetroot, spirulina, wheatgrass and more!
How to Use the Fast-Track Pack
The fast-track programme is designed to communicate with your metabolism. You can visit our Dynamic Shape Weight-Loss Programme page:

Over three days each week, you are going to lower your calorie intake so that your metabolism has to burn more stored fuel to keep you going, but before your metabolism can think that it is going to run out of stored fuel and slow down, you will restore its fuel over the four days when you eat at your allowed calorie deficient number. The metabolic shock between speeding up and slowing down, is what causes the metabolism to throw everything that it has stored by the way of fat into the furnace.

On the three days, you can only eat a total calorie intake of 800 calories per day for women and 1000 calories per day for men. This includes any drinks that have a calorie count.

You can choose to do two consecutive burn days and then one burn day between two normal days. For example: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for the three burn days and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday for the four normal days.

Not only will stored fat burn at a higher rate, but the organs have time to rest and the glucose levels in your blood will begin to ease out. In other words, for 3 days your body goes into a gentle cleanse mode, so you may find that you begin to function much better.

If you find it difficult to do the three burn days, start at one burn day and work your way up, but you must keep at your calorie deficient number for the other days.

Step 1: It is vital that you work out your body's BMR and daily calorie needs before embarking on a weight-loss programme. Please click here for further information on how to do that.

Step 2: From your BMR delete 500 calories - this will give you your deficient calorie number for your daily food count to lose weight at a steady pace on the non-burn days. For a woman, to ensure a healthy loss, make sure that you are not eating below 1200 calories on non- burn days and for a man 1400. If you want to assist this process, add more exercise to your day on top of the 500 reduced calories.

Step 3: You will need to use a diary to help you plan your week.

Each nutritional drink is a 30g serving with an approximate calorie value of 120 (check the label) and you will need one at breakfast and one at lunch, making approx 240 calories.

On non-burn days, the diet programme works on the principle of eating five meals per day to keep your metabolism active, so you follow the procedure for the standard diet (click here). On the burn days, this is lowered to the allowed 800 or 1000 calories.

Example of a burn-day

Breakfast = 1 x 120 approx nutritional calorie drink.

Lunch = 1 x 120 approx nutritional calorie drink.

Dinner = 560 for women and 760 for men of the remainder of my allowed calories or you can add a snack during the day, but you must delete it from this amount.

Remember, if you have wine or any sugary drinks, then you need to deduct these from your total calorie allowance. The Dynamic Shape ThermoCell speeds up your metabolism at a higher rate. The more powerful Probiotic Max assists with the break-down of food and the Vitamin & Mineral Superfoods nourish the cells.


DS Vanilla = 10 servings based on a 30gm dose

DS Chocolate = 10 servings based on a 30gm dose

DS Pea Protein = 16 servings based on a 30gm dose

DS Green-Food = 15 servings based on a 20gm dose

DS Organic Fruits = 20 servings based on a 5gm dose

DS HempPRO = 16 servings based on a 30gm dose

DS ThermoCell = 36 days based on 2 caps per day

CONSTIfree = 36 days based on 5gm dose twice a day

Probiotic Max = 30 days based on caps per day

Vitamin & Mineral Superfoods = 33 days based on 3 caps per day

Total = 87 liquid food servings

CONSTIfree can be added to the other nutritional drinks for intestinal cleaning.

The aim of the nutritional drinks is to assist the body with protein and proper function. Before embarking on any diet and exercise programme, please consult with your doctor first.

To join a Dynamic Shape Weight-Loss Programme with a trained Presenter in your area, please click here. The Presenter can offer you support, community links, facebook connection with others on the journey and more.

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Dynamic Shape Fast-Track Weight-Loss Pack
A fast-track weight-loss pack: A combination of incredibly high nutrition, minerals and vita..
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