Chaga - Powerful Antioxidant

Chaga, the world's most potent supplement ?

Chaga is the Russian name for a mushroom with remarkable medicinal qualities (Inonotus Obliquus is its botanical name). It's natural habitat are the birch forests in the coldest areas of the Northern hemisphere, mainly Siberia and parts of North America, North-Korea and China. It's medicinal properties have been utilized since time immemorial by the inhabitants of Siberia, native Americans and of course the Chinese. Since the '50s Chaga has been the subject of intensive scientific research.


What is so special about Chaga ?


Chaga on a tree

Its main active ingredients are a special type of mushroom carbohydrates - (the so-called polysaccharides / beta-glucans), and betulin / betulinic acid, a component only found in Chaga mushrooms.


Apart from these but definitely worth mentioning are several phytosterols (mainly lanosterol and inotodiol) and a very high amount of melanin, a natural anti-oxidant that gives this mushroom its black color and is responsible for Chaga having one of the highest levels of anti-oxidants found in natural foods.


What does all this mean ?


These polysaccharides are common in medicinal mushrooms. What they do ? Well, scientific research showed that these polysaccharides have the power to balance and normalize our immune system. How they do that is still not fully understood by science.




To put it simple, they help our body to get healthy and to stay healthy, by stimulating and supporting the existing immune system. Chaga does not fight a specific disease or symptom, but it helps the body to heal itself and to stay healthy. That's why we can state that Chaga has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and detoxing qualities. It is the perfect supplement for people looking to prevent diseases, but also for people under stress: mental, physical and environmental stress are all very taxing on the immune system. And with age the immune system also starts to become less effective. For elderly people Chaga is an excellent prophylactic.


Betulinic acid


The betulinic acid that Chaga derives from the birches on which it grows give this mushroom some additional healing qualities. First and foremost: it breaks down cholesterol in the bloodstream, without any side effects. The effect is purely normalizing.


Apart from that, research showed this betulinic acid being able to kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells - a mechanism that is not yet fully understood by science but that appears to work as follows: cancer cells have a different ph-value than healthy cells and somehow the betulinic acid is able to use this property to trigger apoptosis (natural cell death) in these cells, without any side effects. Medical science is aware of this property and has been researching this since the 50s. A major problem was always that betulin / betulinic acid is indigestible by humans. However, this is where the 'magic' of Chaga lies: it converted the betulin (found e.g. in the bark of the birch trees on which it feeds) into a digestible form of betulinic acid. In Russia an anti-cancer medicine based on Chaga was developed in the 1950s and it's still in use under the name Befungin.


Add this to the immune balancing properties of the polysaccharides and you have an exceptionally potent anti-cancer agent: not only does it fight cancer itself but it also supports standard treatments like chemo and radiation by neutralizing the nasty side effects these treatments have on the immune system.


Phytosterols and anti-oxidants


And as if all this is not enough the phytosterols (of which lanosterol takes 45%, inotodiol 25% and the remaining 30% consists of ergosterol, fecosterol, episterol present in Chaga were also found to possess strong anti-cancer qualities. The existing synergy between these components (polysaccharides, betulinic acid, phytosterols) turns Chaga into one of the most potent health supplements known to man.


But we almost forgot another potent property: its anti-oxidant qualities. The melanin component protects the mushroom against the harsh environment (extreme cold, UV radiation e.g.) in which it has to survive. The chemical components of this melanin were found to have DNA-regenerating and protective properties. One could say it's a type of natural anti-rust. A way to determine the level of this activity is to determine the so-called ORAC-level (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). Chaga was found to have one of the highest levels ever found in natural foods. This adds anti-aging and revitalizing properties to the already impressive list of Chaga's qualities. In several articles Chaga's anti-ulcer and anti-gastritis capacities were also mentioned.



  • immune balancing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-gastritis / anti-ulcer
  • anti-viral
  • normalizes cholesterol levels
  • detoxing
  • anti-aging
  • anti-cancer
  • suppresses the side effects of powerful pharmaceuticals
  • anti-oxidant

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